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Chicago Slow to Embrace Commercial Blogging

  Thursday, February 1st, 2007

In a recent Chicago Tribune article, advertising insiders questioned the slow adoption of commercial blogs in Chicago. "There are some great blogs out there. But in the city of Chicago, I can count them on the fingers of one hand,” states advertising executive Joe Zekas, who sees blogs as the ideal marketing opportunity.

You should not wait another day to have Chicago Producers install blogging software on your Web site.  Zekas further elaborates that blogs provide an “immediate way of communicating and providing an audience with perceived value, and showcasing expertise and product knowledge…” 

There is no reason Chicago should be so far behind in the commercial blogging race.  Chicago Producers can customize your blog and easily integrate it into your existing Web site architecture.  Then, establishing rapport and providing information to your clients is as easy as using a word processor. 

Contact us today to get ahead of the curve with a blog from Chicago Producers.  As Zekas concludes, “It just doesn’t get any better as a way to build a business."