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Chicago Producers Helps Chicago School Remain Open

  Monday, January 12th, 2009

Thank you letter from O’Keefe Elementary.

Thank you Chicago Producers, Inc. for showing that you believe in our students and for your time and determination to uplift the education of our deserving students.  The 800 videos that you produced for our students will enable them to deepen their understanding of math and create a new love for this subject.  I am sure that your contribution will have a great impact on our school and will help it to remain open! 

At O’Keefe Elementary School, located in the South Shore Community at 6940 South Merrill, we are working hard to educate the future leaders of our country.  Most of our students come from single-family homes, are low income and many have been displaced from other communities due to the rapid gentrification occurring in our great city.  Also, many of them are homeless and face hardships at home such as hunger or even having parents who are unavailable because they have to work long hours to make ends meet.

Despite hardships in the home and community, our students have a passion for learning.  At O’Keefe, we have strived to provide students with above-average educational experiences because we believe in them despite most of them being low income.  We even offer a gifted program and over 35 academic and sports clubs including a division of the Sea Scouts, in which we teach teenagers how to sail (we have placed in Venetian Night for two years straight).  With all that we strive to do, our students still suffer from poverty, crime in the community and other societal ills.  Therefore, many of them are unable to perform at their highest potential. 

Thank you again for making such a big contribution to us and I will keep you posted on the success of our math video. 


Alisa Scott
First Grade Teacher
O’Keefe Elementary