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Introducing the SlideBySide® Video Presentation System

  Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Chicago Producers, Inc. debuted its new SlideBySide™ video presentation system this month.  The new video format enables online viewers the luxury of simultaneously viewing lecturers and their respective background presentations at equal sizes, giving both subject equal weight visually and plenty of room to see everything clearly.

By implementing the SlideBySide™ presentation system, Chicago Producers accomplished all three feats.  SlideBySide™ provides the added benefits of allowing Internet viewers to see speakers synchronized to their corresponding Microsoft PowerPoint® presentations and protects against unauthorized downloading and distribution.  Additionally, the video is presented in a unique widescreen format that allows for more space than any television screen can offer.

To learn more about SlideBySide™ and how i can work for you, visit  Then, contact Chicago Producers to create your own SlideBySide™ video presentation today.