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iPix Shuts Doors Chicago Producers Opens

  Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

Recently the immersive-imaging provider iPix filed for bankruptcy.  Sites that relied on iPix for 360-degree virtual tours failed to load without warning for those without the mandatory iPix plug-in.  Customers who had paid for iPix’s proprietary technology were left with nothing but broken links and unanswered questions.

Rest assured, with 360-degree tours from Chicago Producers, you are never left high and dry.  We employ 360-degree tours with QuickTime® technology to provide the added benefits of smaller files sizes using the far more ubiquitous Apple® plug in, when compared to iPix.

We convert broken iPix tours to working QuickTime® tours and create new tours to showcase your products and locations.  Please view samples from our 360-degree tour portfolio at, then contact Chicago Producers at 312-226-6900 for faster loading tours with reliability and stability.