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Join the Rich Media Advertising Revolution

  Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

First, the industry giant Google announced testing of video display ads. Then, the emerging content provider entered the field for the first time, displaying rich media ads before its 80 million daily videos. You should not wait another day to get your products and services in front of the millions of consumers watching streaming rich media clips on the Internet.

Internet rich media advertisements are the ideal way to promote your brand and reach new customers because e-mail marketing messages can be filtered like SPAM, and standard banner ads can be lost among site content. Rich media ads have also been shown to be twice as effective in building brand awareness than static ads.

But this revolution isn’t just about the viewer, it’s more about the advertiser. People can’t skip a streaming video commercial, like they do on their TiVOs and iPODs. Nor can they change the channel with a remote like many do during traditional commercial broadcasts. Join the trend setting rich media advertisers who have already realized that on the Internet, consumers have to watch your rich media message, to get the content they want.

Contact Chicago Producers today to maximize rich media services and position your company in front of the competition. Be among the first in your industry to take advantage of this emerging market and get your rich media message in front of this captive audience.

As these advertisements inevitably proliferate beyond Google and, look for a provider like Chicago Producers with experience in traditional digital video and expertise in interactive Internet services, to merge these two worlds for your benefit.