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Making Online Video a Part of Your Web Strategy

  Friday, February 8th, 2008

If you haven’t already incorporated some video content into your Web site and Web marketing efforts, it may be time to consider jumping in. The popularity of online video has exploded over the past two years and the trend shows no signs of slowing. A recent Comscore study estimates that over 10 billion videos were watched by hundreds of millions of people in December 2007 alone.

The success of video sites like YouTube, Dailymotion and Crackle are well known at this point and their appeal is nearly universal across all demographics. However what you might not know is that less than half of all online videos viewed are streamed from these Web sites. What that means is that people are consuming online video everywhere now.

It’s beginning to change the browsing habits of Internet users. As time passes by the Web is becoming more and more of a multimedia experience, meaning that a Web site’s success will rest more and more on its ability to mix textual content, imagery and audio/video in a manner that’s effective in retaining users for longer periods of time. More and more, it’s not enough to only offer text to your site’s visitors.

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article discussing the criteria for successful online video, along with some different case studies. These case studies hit upon some key points about online video:

  • Keep your video clips short and sweet (30 seconds to 2 minutes max)
  • Put your online video to work in multiple versions/venues: Often the content can be repurposed for display at a conference, in a waiting room or delivered on a CD-ROM.
  • Skip the big budget: You don’t need to have a James Cameron-sized budget to make an effective video
  • Use your video to show, not just tell: Talking heads are OK, but you’ll want to mix up talking head footage with some other elements.

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