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Mobile Dreyer Medical Clinic

  Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Just before the holiday weekend took us all away to barbecues and fireworks, Chicago Producers launched the new mobile version of Dreyer Medical Clinic. The mobile website located at contains the four most widely used features of the Dreyer website, Doctor/Provider Search, Locations, Walk-In Care Wait Times, and Accepted Insurance. Now a patient can use their phone to map directions to a Walk-In Care location and find out how long they’re going to wait once they get there.

As an additional feature, we also added an automatic mobile browser detection so people going to the full site from their phone would automatically be redirected to the easier-to-use mobile version. We also provided a link to the full site from the mobile version for those users that would still like to browse the live site.

Mobile websites don’t have to be a stripped down version of the full site, but rather a complimentary extension of it. We believe this mobile website is just that, an extension of the full Dreyer Medical website for patients on the go.

For this and other examples of mobile websites, social media and email marketing check out our Mobile Web Design page. Feel free to contact us online or give us a call at 800.467.1497 to talk about a mobile version of your website.

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