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New CP Web site and brand launched!

  Monday, May 3rd, 2010

It has been a bit of a journey over the last year but all the hard work has finally paid off, the new redesign of was launched last Friday!

The new site aims to make finding information easier and more intuitive and to showcase our work in new ways. Next up we have a lot of new and exciting project examples to add to the site and we’re working on a new client resource section where you will be able to download templates, learn industry terms and processes.

Also as part of this redesign we  gave our company branding a little TLC and have developed a new logo mark to accompany and underscore our company name and the Chicago Producers experience. The new mark illustrates how our team here at Chicago Producers works. To some extent, each project we do here requires a custom process. While some projects may only require design services, others may visit photography, design, Web and finally media before all is said and done. Our team members work in conjunction with each other as the project advances towards completion—the focus of the project and team shifts and adjusts to the project and client’s needs.

As you can tell, we’re really excited about our visual and digital presence and hope you find the new developments engaging and informative. We’re looking forward to sharing our work with you and to your future projects.