Brand Identity

Creating and maintaining a consistent logo and brand can set the tone for how you want to be perceived in the market. A well designed logo has the potential to engage your audience and make a lasting first impression. Think of your logo and/or brand like your mascot, it introduces your company and sets you apart from the other teams, cheerleading your message and ideals.

Using the latest technology and industry research, our design team gives a thorough consideration to the design, color, mood and attitude of every identity project from simple logos, to complex identity systems or complete unified branding guides. Below is some of our Identity work…

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Showcase Examples

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Rick Wilfong Consulting Logo

Rick Wilfong Consulting

medical industry consulting

With a focus in the medical industry, RWC was looking for a modern, mostly type-based, logo that would convey their specialties in a quick glance.

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Courtside Care Logo

Courtside Care

on-site medical services

A new business offering on-site medical service to youth league sporting events, Courtside Care wanted a logo that could be immediately understood but would also be approachable and friendly

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E&K Contractors Logo

E&K Contractors

sewer and excavating since 1978

With a bold color palette, strong stencil typography and a unique icon, the final E & K Contractors' logo and branding is bold and minimal and sets them apart in the industry.

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Reef Design Group Logo

Reef Design Group

custom aquarium reef design

The goal was a brand that would relate the beauty, relaxation and ease of owning a reef tank designed and/or maintained for by Reef Design Group. Paired with a calming color palette and simple text, the logo mark uses a simplified icon of a tank with coral and tiny water bubbles to illustrate a serene reef environment.

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IMAS Source Logo

IMAS Source

business branding and collateral

Imas Source needed a logo with a strong emphasis on the company name and minimal graphics. Working with a tight-turnaround, several comps were explored before settling on this text-based mark with an approachable high-tech aesthetic.

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Shardon Builders Logo

Shardon Builders Inc.

business branding and collateral

A strong and simple logo for a very busy construction company. They wanted to keep it simple, and needed a logo that could be used in a simple black and white form as well as a dynamic and colorful web logo. It needed to represent a modern yet classic construction company and appeal to a wide audience.

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Pay Me Fast Logo

Pay Me Fast

business branding and collateral

A unique logo for an online based payroll services company. Pay Me Fast needed a logo that would appeal to a modern crowd of businesses and individuals. While some of the early comps played with bright colors the end result used a bold palette and subtle glows and shadows to soften the web logo.

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All American Truck & Auto Body Logo

All American Truck & Auto Body

business branding and collateral

A classic and contemporary logo for an old school auto body shop. All American needed a new logo to start their sister business off with a bang. They needed a logo that was classic and mirrored the name but would be easy to customize for future businesses with slightly different names.

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