Media Design/Packaging

Turn your CD or DVD into a complete marketing presentation that conveys your message and engages your audience while protecting your media.

Some printing options we can provide…

  • Jewel Cases
  • Slimline Cases
  • Paper & Tyvek Sleeves
  • Digi-Paks
  • Amaray Cases
  • Fully Customized Packaging
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Showcase Examples

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Frontera InfoRom

Frontera - Rick Bayless

One Plate At a Time DVD Series

A growing DVD series, this package set features a full-color printed CD sleeve and replicated discs.

brochure | trifold | pamphlet
APRL InfoRom


meeting materials info-rom

Initial branding and design of an interactive PDF presentation for the Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers' annual meetings materials. The presentation puts vital information in the audiences' hands for future reference and use.

pdf | acrobat | cd-rom


Quad DVD outerwrap

Svendsen needed an eye-catching package design for their quad-pack of fly fishing DVDs. With inspiration from the cases of the individual DVDs we created a matching Quad DVD case to house them all.

media | dvd | retail | series | quad | case | package | sales | sports | show | branding
Saryan Francesco Musical


Franscesco DVD

Saryan was looking for an eye catching design to promote an Italian musical to American investors. The packaging needed to appeal to both English and Italian markets. We were able to use some of the outstanding photography from the show to make the project standout.

media | dvd | movie | promotional | corporate | Italian | languages
ABA InfoRom

American Bar Association (ABA)

conference info-roms

This project is an example of one of the many inforoms we design, develop and duplicate for the ABA every year. These interactive and searchable CD-ROMs are based in Adobe Acrobat, and are given to conference attendees to reference and review after the event.

pdf | acrobat | cd-rom
Theology of Time InfoRom

Theology of Time

2-disc CD set

A retail product featuring recordings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, this packaging design referenced a personal story from HEM's son with the space and star imagery.

brochure | trifold | pamphlet
Gallagher Sharp InfoRom

Gallagher Sharp

Similar to inforoms we've developed for the ABA, this inforom served as a parting gift for conference attendees and included articles and white papers referenced at the event.

pdf | acrobat | cd-rom