Sporting Events

You can't teach the timing needed for great action photography. Chicago Producers reacts to the athletes performing on the field, and our experience allows us to be positioned to capture the entire contest. The qualities of the individual athletes and the overall competition will be documented as we anticipate the action.

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Showcase Examples

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Bank of America Chicago Marathon Sporting Event

Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Provided photographic documentation of the Chicago Marathon, for LaSalle Bank. Captured the essence of the marathon, and provided complete start-to-finish coverage.

LaSalle Bank Open Sporting Event

LaSalle Bank Open

Provided on-course photography for the duration of the four-day event. Near real-time uploading of images for immediate integration into client Web Site.

ABN Amro Volvo Ocean Race Sporting Event

ABN Amro Volva Ocean Race

Basketball Sporting Event


The Marketing Arm Sporting Event

The Marketing Arm

Shamrock Shuffle Sporting Event

Shamrock Shuffle